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Fire, sparks, rumbling waves of crashing lava. This burning. These flames.
Erupting. We are on fire. Scorching heat. These depths of the sun.
Can we dance in this furnace?
Pouring out of searing molten fires. It burns. It burns.
Shall we dance in this heat?
Twisting and melting and molding and dying.
Let us dance, let us dance together.
This burns, this burns.
Turbulent, pounding, scalding pain.
Dance with me. I just want to dance.

This new life is treacherous and unknown.
How will we find a way through the thick clouds? Through the heat, the smoke, the pain.
We are in the midst of the volcano, the sun.
This is where stars are born. And I am one of them.
This suffering is glorious, this glory is full of suffering.
And I just want to dance with you.
Take my hand, let us dance.
Lead me out of this fiery furnace, lead me into the heavens.
I'll dance with you. I'll dance with you.
Through the smoke, through the heat, through everything, always, I'll dance with you never-ending.
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Waves crash...but this stillness lingers.
A peaceful quite, almost like silence, but radiating a drumbeat from within.
I see a new light.
He looks my way...gleaming...shining in armor...
A crown adorning a helmet...
King of Kings....
He looks at me and I take in as much as I can of His face once again...
Lord of Lords....
I do not speak with a voice, but He hears my questions.
He turns and reveals to me a sword.
He presses it towards me and I look upon it.
He thrusts it with more urgency, wanting me to take hold of it.
I grip it...steel...cold, yet warm, comfortable, firm, safe, treasured.
He presses something to my chest.
I look down to see its strength....the breastplate.
I look back to Him and He reaches above my head where He places a helmet....
He doesn't speak, but I know what He says.

It wasn't but moments before that I was a lost lamb caught in the brambles and thorns. Lying quietly in the dark forest, tangled.
Not wanting to call out....for the wolves might hear. Not wanting to struggle....for the vines twisted tighter.
Not wanting to run...for the thorns shall sting. Not wanting to cry...for I knew He'd come for me.

But now....I've been given a sword....
And I beg to know why He is dressed in armor....why are we dressed in armor.
If time truly existed...tomorrow would be too close.
My heart pounds beneath this shield of strength.....
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Whatever words exist for such a time, have yet to come to me.
This wailing, travailing...this anguish of the spirit.
So much that surrounds that it is overwhelming.
Not afraid or lost, but a overpowering yearning.
The shadows crowd out all the stars.
Cold, hard ground that lacks life or comfort.
This aching grows, nothing sating its desire.
Knowing this is like childbirth and knowing an end must come soon.
Knowing that it is so so close.
Nothing to rush it to the last moment.....
Nothing to ease the current agony.
We must go on a little longer, a little longer.
How much can these bodies bare?
How long can our spirits survive this suffering?

The shadows are so thick now, breath is fleeting.
Hearts beating like fire. Burning away.
A transplant to slay our own means, and replace them with His.

Waiting for those words.
Yearning for those words.
...Take hold...
Rescue us from this pit of darkness.
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This is strange. The drums are beating and we swing around with feet stomping the ground.
Toils and labors and work.
Restless nights of short sleep and rampaging thoughts.
We are at work.
He is here and He is working.
Loudly, intentional, focused, and deliberate.
What is this He is building?
I watch and labor and keep an eye upon His face so as not to miss the instructions.
What is this He is building?
A short rest and the next morning comes swiftly and We begin again.
What is this He is building?

It all flows together like a river, but you can't quite make out what it is.
You can't see where it leads, nor remember where it has been.
Changing, flowing like the waters rushing wildly past.
I watch diligently. Keeping my eyes on Him.
Where does this lead?
Is all this turmoil of work worth it? The constant labors? The continuous toiling?

I already know the answer. I will not turn back or stop. Or drop.
We carry on. A new day dawns.....He is here.
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He walks.
I can barely see Him amongst the thick air. The drape of His cloak flitting into view swiftly and receding back again.
I reach out to Him, but can't seem to catch hold, He's moving too quickly.
I keep pace, though I feel like I'm falling behind, falling behind lost.
I know He won't leave my side, but I feel pressured to take step after step trying to be there closer beside Him.
He rushes like where We have to be is imperative. Important.

I try to call out to Him, but He keeps walking forward, not stopping to turn around to me or answering.
It doesn't matter where we are going, but only that we are together.
I accept the journey, I accept the voyage. I accept all the trials and all the blessings.
Let me follow you.

Inside I stammer in I just want Him.
Want Him to look upon, to touch, to hold once again. I'm dying to see His face again.
How long has it been?
A week? A month? Years?....It feels like an eternity.
His ears plead out in agony to hear it, yet He refrains....
We are rushing ahead to where We need to be.
Take me with you.
Take me with you.

So much has changed...So much different than before.
But I know it is perfect....
Beyond the trials and beyond the joys.
There is a place at the end....
And there He will be.
Let me be with you....
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We were standing upon what looked like the salt flats that are out west.
A blazing sky of orange and red that told of a new sunrise that was just about to sprout in the distance.
Where have these colors been? They looked new, young, vibrant, and alive.
He took my hand and we began to dance. We danced...
He was wearing a suit. Nice, fitted, pristine... My dress was flowing, white, smooth, silent even as we danced.
We twirled on top of the white sands. The sky still blazing orange and red. A small streak of yellow cut forth upward from where the sun was rising...Was it rising in the west??
"Give me all of you, and I will give you all of me." He stated as we moved within each others arms.
I stopped and looked at him...his eyes.
"But you are...everything." I said quietly. Because he was, and I was nothing. I didn't think it was a fair trade....he would get the worse end of the deal.
He slowed and gazed within me. "And what are you to me?"

Was I everything too? Everything to Him.
How little we realize.....
How much we forget.....
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It's tiring. Draining. Sometimes suffocating.
The invasion of voices, the footsteps of war.
So many rumblings that echo loudly and make the earth tremble.
Things that are clear, yet blur into the mist.
I tire from their calls and from their shouts.
Where are they trying to go?

He has been silent for a time now and I miss His voice.
I wonder if he has spoken at all since the others have deafened my ears.
I miss Him.
I see Him, but He isn't facing me. Still looking out into the distant fog.
The fog that surrounds us still.
Motionless and silent, while the sounds span around us.
Lord, how much longer?

It's like a moment that seems to never end.
Stretching out forever.
When will this end?
I only want to see your face again and hear your voice.
Are we forgotten, here in the midst of the clouds.

I feel like running out into it, to escape the unending entrapment.
I feel like lying down to die.
I know it will not last.....this will not last, it cannot.
Like too must pass...
Colors are fading, hues turn pale unto darkened greys.
Is this the beginning or are we closer to the end?
A silence lingers over us as the peals of ramblings coarse around us.
He stares outward, as I huddle down.
I know there is not much time left.
The end is near.
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It rumbles up through the soul...a tremor that shakes you and vibrates up your spine and echos in your ears.
It will not be silent and it will not abate. hums from the fog and does not cease.
What is this?
Feet feel unsteady as you stand awaiting. Constant vibrations.
You look, but you can only see so far in the denseness of the blurred white mist.
Nothing reveals itself, but you know this must be another attempt to break you.
Another try to bring you to your knees.
What is this?

The Lord is closer now.
He stands assuredly and looks beyond to where the fog ends.
He is without fear, without worry.
For He knows this too will pass away.
He stands firm.
I stand with Him as I watch and wait.
Ignoring the sounds that work unending to debilitate me.

They too will fail, as We have already conquered them, even if they do not yet know it.
I breath deep.
The crisp, cool, moist air travels within and braces me.
Alert and awakened.

I hear a scream in the mist.
It howls in agony.
What is this?
He still stands firm beside me, still looking out forward.
"They see." He tells me. "They see and they fear."
I listen and remain quiet. The rumbling, humming, vibrating ground, slows....
It slows... until it too becomes silent.

"Walk with me." He says as He takes a step forward.
I take step with Him...and We enter.
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We stood before the oncoming fog for what seemed like ages.
The roars and rumblings of the beasts within slowly crept up through the ground.
We could feel them...their heartbeats...their rage.
We stood waiting upon the fog. Our swords in hand and our attention never divided.
Allies in the midst.
Scattered and perceived as alone, but we were all a part of each other.
He was standing there beside each one of us. Never alone.

The fog, as swift as the night, crept in unaware and surrounded us.
We are within it. Beasts swarm around us and tempt us.
They are tempting us....
They are clouding us....
They refrain from stepping within sword strike distance.
They know what they are doing and they tease us and lure us on blindly.
This the fog of forgetfulness.
They chant of long lost memories trying to get you to take hold of a past lie.
They circle around like wolves, waiting for you to fall before they attack.

I will not fall.
A battle was fought...and I remember.
I will not forget what He has provided.
He stands within and He steadies my feet, my heart, my soul.
We shall not fall.
We are in the fog, our brethren lost within it too.
But He will stand with them as well.
No falling, as we are here to fight.
We are here to stop them.
These demons. These lies. These devourers.

They scatter from us when they see us remember.
Shall they return with another attempt?
Will they call upon the more apt creatures to break us?
This is a war....and we stand ready.
He cannot fall....and He is within us.
We do not know how thick the fog is, how far it spans, but it is here.
Here we will fight.
Always here, and we will fight on until He reveals Himself to them all.
Even the fog won't be able to stand.
It too will bow.

Hold your sword firmly.
War has risen.
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This difficult.
The first step was not only realizing it, but also the unbinding.
The unbinding has proven to be painful.
Like when you are bound tightly for far too long, then the ropes are cut loose.
Your flesh gives way to the air....and it stings.
You look and see the remnants of your binds and see the discoloration of scars.
You know they will fade, but this fact doesn't ease the inflammation or searing truth.
He has set me free. And it hurts.

Everything around me has turned to dust.
The grey hues blow across the grey ground.
Nothing exists beyond the boundaries of the body.
The wind is scattering all dust, though it makes not a sound, nor do you feel it's breath.
Timeless and set into a non existence, yet alive.

I await His voice amidst the silence.
I am ready. I am silent.
He shall place me in the depths.
Set me apart from the tribes.
Hold me close to His Peace.
Bring me upon the waters.
And cast me deep into the heart.
Follow me. His whisper travels.
I close my eyes....and follow.
My feet cannot take me there.
Only the spirit.
Only the divine.
I go.
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Was it sunset again? Or was it sunrise?
The light filled the edge of the distance as I walked towards it.
I found myself deep in the valley.
The slopes glided upward at each side, barren.
I was once afraid of the valley, but I had passed through it without noticing.
The forest was lost behind me and I could only see the tips of far off trees.
The valley was an expanse that seemed to continue on forever behind me.
It was all conquered and found to be nothing but a journey.
I faced back to the light that lingered on the horizon.
It was still cold, but as the light grew brighter and the warm air shined down
I knew it was a new morning.

I always loved the beauty of the mornings.
Filled with hopes for the day, nothing is impossible in these moments.
I smiled.
I stopped myself from looking around me for the one who was with me.
As I knew where He was.
And I stepped forward once again.

What would be beyond the sunrise?
Another mountain maybe?
An ocean?
A desert?
The mountains were struggles, until you came to the top.
But an ocean? What was that? What challenges could it hold?
A desert? I had never been in the desert?

Whatever lied ahead. It too would only be another step closer to where He wanted me to be.
Another step closer to who He wanted me to be, what He wanted me to become.

What had become of my fear? I could no longer recognize it.
He has taken it away and hidden it from my eyes.
Freedom....the gift.
....and I will continue with Him, unafraid of the journey ahead.
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It was still dark.....but there was a lingering grayness that covered the air.
It wasn't fog, but the dingy lifeless lack of the living fire.
We still moved forward upon the grassy fields.
Trees still lined my left.
The valley still swallowed the right.
Where were we going?

A light shining like a great star appeared just before me.
I began to cover my eyes from its radiance, but it did not hurt to look upon it.
What is it? I asked Him.
The light that darkness flees from.
The light that removes the fears, the doubts, the pain, the sadness.
It will follow us.

I looked ahead of me, where the wind blew the never-ending grasses before me.
Where I was headed was empty.
As the places that needed the light were on each side of me.
The forest.
There the fear slept, yet watched us from within it's dark confines.
The doubts lingered in the treetops and sneered at us with every breeze.
Across was the valley where pain was buried, yet peered up from the earth.
Sadness and turmoil littered the ground as sharp jagged stones.
They both would need healing, but we could only walk one way.
Here in the grass, they both could see the light, yet they could not feel it.
If I went into the forest the valley would be left in darkness.
If I went down in the valley, the forest would linger in shadow.
But one had to be healed, or none at all....

I yelled into the night.
I yelled into the crisp air.
The yelling in frustration brought forth courage.
He watched me as I fought past my outrage.
I glared at Him.
He wanted me to choose where we would walk.
Wanted me to choose what to conquer.
Needed me to be His guide.
I will take Him with me.
The light will follow.
I faced the forest and stared at it's deep blackness that swallowed the trees.
The wind blew and the treetops screamed.
The fears knew We were headed their way.
The doubts knew We would destroy them.
They screamed.
And I took a step toward them.
A breath, a step. A breath....I ran.
They screamed.
The light followed.
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We trekked forward.
Darkness crawled deeper into the distance.
The ground was like stone, with grit and sand. It shifted violently underfoot.
We kept moving forward, ripping a path through the night.
This was only the beginning.

We came to a great field. It was dark, but one could still make out the dry, rough grasses ahead of us.
Rolling hills swallowed up the view before us.
A forest hid itself to our left.
I wasn't ready for the forest.
To our left it sloped downward.
I wasn't prepared for another valley.
So we continued forward through the waves of earth.
Every step echoed out it's demise.
The rocks, the sand, the cracked beneath us.
I could still see, but I knew it wouldn't be long....

"Do not worry about the light." He said.
"It will shine when it must."
"And do not fear the dark." He said.
"It shall flee, and the creatures therein will rest."
"But they must see us first."He said.
"And they must taste the fruit."

"Where will we go?" I asked.
"Wherever you are." He said.
"Every place is your home. And every song is your music. And every heart is your love.
And every hand is your brother, and every smile is your sister."

The air was cool and crisp.
And damp.
There was a fog lifting off the ground, even though it felt dry beneath my feet.
I always loved when it rained.
I breathed in deeply and let the chilled air fill my lungs.
We trekked forward.
Deeper into the darkness.
There will be rain, there will be coldness, there will be fear.
But we will bring the light.
He will give it freely....
Come see what we have and rest.
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I sat upon the stone steps.
The horizon spanning across the distance.
Colors of great warmth and beauty radiating the skies.
He was sitting across from me watching the sun set.
We were atop a large hill that gave view to mountains and valleys.
The forest slept behind us as did the broken stone steps that lay crumbled at my feet.

I glanced at the sunset only to quickly look back over to Him.
He hasn't revealed Himself so casually before.
Why was He here on the outside again?
I pondered.

"Have you seen the sunset?" He asked still looking off into the distance.
I looked back over to it. The sun's crescent still shining above the far off mountains.
Skies of orange and purple, some yellow.
It was warm, like a summer's eve.
I turned back to him. "Yes." What more could I say.
"Soon, the light will fade and the darkness will rise." He stated.
"Then what will you do?
....I paused, as I had no answer.
"We could give a light to the darkness, just like a star." He said....
"But, they will all come after you, both the good and the evil. As you will stand out upon the night."
I breathed deeply, as I had mentioned being a star before, but even that would have it's dangers.
"What will we do when they come?" I asked, already confirming I had accepted.
"We will show them things that may bring devastation. We will show them things that will cause great quakes in their souls. We will show them things that will flood their lives. We will set fire to their hearts......." He paused. "And after it is finished, we will rebuild them and We will show them hopes upon hopes. We will show them Love. We will show them Us. And they will see God and know His name."

I hunched over into my hands. Tears screaming from my eyes.
It was awful. It was great. It was perfect.
But I was afraid. There are many things in the darkness.
And it would not just help them see, but it would also affect me.

"I will be there with you." He said quietly.
"As it will be My light that they see. And none shall touch you. But it is you who must walk."

I wiped my tears, my heart still racing.
I looked again at the sunset, the last sliver was setting the mountain's top on fire.
And it was gone.
"Then let the night pass swiftly." I whispered as I stood.
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Do you cry?
Do you find yourself reaching out to them?
Why do they look away? Why?
They step forward into death and they fall....
They are gone.
Why do they turn away from you?
Please make them wake up.

Because I cry.
I reach out to them.
But still, they turn away.
They step forward and fall.
They scream so loud they cannot hear us.
I plead to them.
Still they are lost.
Please...please wake up.

I will not forget them.
I will not stop reaching.
I will not stop pleading.
And I will forever cry.
Will there be no end?
Until then, my tears will never cease.
You keep refilling them...... them.

Your spans across the distance.
Reaching ready to grasp any who would only place their hand into yours.
Why do they not just take your hand? do we wake them?
How do we make them hear...make them see?
I do not want to lose them to the darkness.

How hard it must be for you.
I can barely stand it. And it's only a small part of what I have seen.
A small group of them waiting in line to enter the cold. The dark.
How much more you see than I.
How much more you must suffer to see them turn away.

Stop hurting my Lord.
Please. We suffer.
We all suffer.
There is not enough energy to express the pain and sorrow that comes with watching people choosing to die.
Choosing to turn away.
Choosing to forget.
Choosing to fall.
There are so many.

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We spoke again.
Had it been so long ago since the time before.
I know things had to change to the way they are....
and I know why too...
but I missed Your face, even though I had You with me the whole time.
Thank you for speaking with me.
Assuring me that things are perfect.
Things will remain perfect.
And there will be no fear.

It's like a new energy.
Knowing You are here.
Knowing that even though it has to be different from the rest of the world...
that it is Your perfection. My perfection in the making.

Silly the things are which we unknowingly pick up.
Whether they be rocks, or thoughts, or possible fears.
But you keep helping me let them go, as in all things.
We must let them all go.
And it is a beautiful thing. Letting go.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
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I found myself on the stone stairs. They rose up the hillside.
Stone walls on each side beckoning for me to continue.
Trees of a dense forest littered the ground above the walls.
This was the path that was carved out for me, and only me.
Behind me every stone step had been broken and cracked so none could follow.
The wilderness grew in around the stones further down.
Ahead of me, up the stairs, the steps were as new, just waiting for me to use them.
Placed there for some divine reason.
I look around me, looking for you yet again.
Hoping I would see your face, but you are not present on the outside.
I look within.
There you are. Ever glowing from within, like a warm candle.
And I take a step forward, keeping my eyes on the top of the hill where the steps end.
What is up there?
I see the light of the day, brightness.
Is something waiting for me? Someone perhaps?
I take another step....
I'm coming.
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There, like a flash of brilliance. Beauty danced on your fingertips.
Gentle, savage radiance. Lightning scarred the black sky.
Are these your works? Your works that with a glimmer, a minute sight that only lasts for a sparse moment.
Like Lightning, we often see only it's greatness for a time, for a small fraction of time.
A small distant glint of Your face.
Only for a moment.
Then it is dead, the blackness covers what glory was once devouring the sky.

There are some in this world who are like Lightning.
They only let us see His Love for a moment.
For a second.
For a breathe.
Then we are left again to wonder in darkness, without the hope of seeing His face.
Why do they disappear back into their caves?
Are they ashamed to reveal Your Glory?
Are they afraid to dine with Your Love?

I do not want to be the Lightning.
I do not want to just give them savagery, or grace.
Let me be a star.
Burning. Blazing. Set afire.
Where they will take note of the Light.
Watch it dance in the darkness, but never fading.
To lead them back to You.
To help them find their way.
To be a sign.
Burning. Blazing. Set afire and setting fire to their hearts.
Let them see Your Love.
Never fading like the Sun.
Never hiding like the Son.
Make me a star. Your star.
Burning. Blazing. Set afire and setting fire.
Let them hide in their caves.
We will shine down, continually, never-ending.
Never-ending like Your Love.
Let it burn them into Life.
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It was just the other day.
It was only again last night.
The simplest, rarest, rawest forms.
The greatest was the least. The least was the greatest. How marvelous it was.
Could it even be described, other than beauty, other than grace.
I was in the midst with you and there He was, speaking as one of Us.
His words, Your words....the simplest. Everything is answered upon the words that soar from His lips.
We are together. All of Us, and even Him too. I love you all.
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What else am I to do?
There in the deepness, I smile.
It's like waking just before the sunrise when the light looms just over the mountain but you have yet to see it, yet you can feel it's promised arrival.
Is this the redemption? Is this the hope?
I'm smiling, yet I don't know why. I want to hug Him.
The excitement radiates, I can feel the frequencies vibrating on the inside. To sit still is impossible, as the only thought is to jump up and dance, smile, and praise Him.
What is it that approaches? What is it? Who is it?
We shall rise to meet it with arms wide open.
My Lord, let the sun rise, let it rise.
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